This is our specialty. We're highly trained to summarize your academic biography and related experience in a resume, or exhaustive curriculum vitae. You may require this service if you want to return to work, change careers, are a recent college graduate pursuing an internship, or a diversified professional seeking transition.
This type of writing is required if you have a product or service that needs direction, instruction, or explanation. You may require this service If you've developed a new software or application, for example, and need a user manual. As well you may require technical writing for a PDF publication, real estate property description, webpage, or blog.
If you have a new business for which your services and pricing require description and structure, or if you feel your current designs are outdated, you’re in the right place! We will design and author your menu with just the right touch. Feel free to request a copy of our portfolio to view some of our awesome designs. 
If you require a website as a resource to promote your store, business, or digital resume, look no further. Write Touch will consult with you to ascertain a full understanding of your needs, then create a distinct and stylish design unique to your brand. This service includes authoring effective, persuasive content, a functional format, multimedia, and interactivity options.   
We are extremely critical readers and lovers of words.
Write Touch will prepare your manuscript, magazine, novel, email, poem, research paper, and numerous other works by polishing and enhancing it. We take editing very seriously and will proudly serve as the gatekeeper between your writing and intended audience.  


We believe you shouldn’t have to pay to share your ideas or to request assistance. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 45-minute initial consultation completely free of charge. During this process, we will listen to your needs, advise you on the best manner to proceed, then partner with you from start to finish.

Committed to Excellence 




Angela D. Wharton,

Founder & CEO 

"I was in need of a public speaker resume but had no clue how to create one.  After seeing a sample of Porsha's remarkable work, I reached out to see if she could create a  speaker's resume for me.  I was completely blown away by how Porsha took the stack of information I sent and turned it into a crisp, clean, clear, concise, and powerfully written resume that I've used for national speaking engagements....

Thomas Henderson, 

Resource Manager

"I was working at the front desk of a major hotel brand and wanted to escape to a better paying career. I reached out to Porsha to complete a review of my resume. Together we worked to create the perfect resume and cover letter which I then submitted to my dream job. 


My cover letter and resume were extremely well written..."

Vu and Thanh Nguyen,

Business Owners

"Thank you so much, Ms. Porsha, for all the time and effort you put into building our online presence. I couldn't be happier with the finished products. The website for Villa Salon and Spa turned out so nice and the custom-made menus you designed for us are fabulous!


If there is a place out there to give you a review, we would rate you 10 stars...